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Get a consistent stream of new customers to your business

  • Get new customers who are actively looking for what you are selling and are ready to buy from you
  • Get in front of customers who would otherwise go straight to your competitor, without even knowing you existed
  • Let Google promote your business 24/7, while you do more important things
  • Fill up your calendar with bookings and never have to worry about getting new customers again

Why search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is our core service for a simple reason. We believe that it in the long term (and when done correctly) it is the most effective method of online traffic generation.

Paid traffic, social media and other online methods are nice, and we use them every day, but even when combined, their total online traffic volume doesn’t add up to the largest source of online traffic – Google. And individually, nothing else comes close.

Every day, there are 3.6 billion searches on Google. These are people who are actively looking for something specific, very often a solution to a problem. 

Compare this to “interuption marketing” on social media. With social media, you are trying to get your product or service in front of users who are just catching up with friends and not really in a buying frame of mind.

With a solid SEO strategy you will see your website climb the search engine rankings for the keywords that your potential clients and customers are searching for.

In the past twelve years, Liquid Digital Marketing has delivered tens of thousands of first page rankings to clients and partners for meaningful keywords with search volume and intent.

What about local SEO and Google My Business pages?

We love local SEO!

Local searches have high buyer intent – 80% of all local searches end with a purchase. If you have a business which serves the local area in any way, a Google My Business listing and optimisation is absolutely essential.

There is only space on the front page of Google for 3 local results (the “3 Pack”).  Almost 50% of all searches click on a 3 Pack result, but less than 10% of searchers move past that front page.


billion Google searches every day


51% of ALL web traffic is Organic Search


90% of ALL searches start on Google


92% DON’T go past the first page

Google 3 Pack

Getting into the Google 3 Pack puts your business on Google’s first page and is a sure-fire way to get more customers who are ready to buy and bring a massive amount of potential revenue.

For businesses that serve a local area, local SEO can be one of the most valuable investments they can make. But, if your business is not in the 3 pack, you are seriously missing out.

At Liquid Digital Marketing, we take a scientific approach to local SEO and understand the unique factors and techniques to achieve Google 3 pack status and keep you there.


44% of ALL searchers click on the 3 Pack


80% of ALL searches end in purchase

Since 2009 we have achieved 10,000s of page one rankings in Google for clients and partners

We can get you real results like these

(just a few real ranking results from our clients and partners, some data obscured for privacy)

Google Ranking Proof
Search engine optimisation
Google Ranking Proof6
Google Ranking Proof2
Google Ranking Proof3
Google My Business optimisation
Google Ranking Proof1
Local SEO
Google Ranking Proof5
Google Ranking Proof7
Google 3 pack
Google Ranking Proof4

We love helping businesses grow with search engine optimisation and local SEO. Book a call today and see how we can help you achieve your business goals with online marketing.

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